RamBooster is a program that monitors and frees RAM if necessary
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RamBooster is a program that monitors and frees RAM if necessary.
RamBooster does it automatically, without modifying your system in any way.

The main windows of RamBooster show you by default the target level of free RAM (by default, 1 Mb.), your Free RAM at this moment, and the percent of Free RAM and CPU usage. It will also offer you to optimize your ram, or toggle to the tiny mode, in which only the percents of Free RAM and CPU Usage will be shown.

In the Options menu you can fine-tune the program. You can chose if you want RamBooster to sound an alarm when the memory level is critical, if you want to set automatic optimization on or off, show CPU usage, launch the program automatically at startup, start it minimized or show a pop-up when optimizing.

You can also set the optimization level, how much RAM you will free, the interval between refreshes of RAM usage and the number of retries.

Optionally you can set the program to optimize the RAM only if the CPU usage is below than a certain figure.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • The program doesn´t interfere in your job, and it effectively frees RAM as needed


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